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Help us to establish an affordable rental housing market.

It is only through your donation that more affordable houses for rent can be built in Namibia, thus giving people good-quality homes in safe environments. Every Euro helps! Large housing companies and major players in the German real estate industry have already become donors and active supporters of Housing! for Future. Help us to expand our family of sponsors, whether as a business or as a private person, whether in Germany or internationally!


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Project donation – every Euro counts

By donating, you help in establishing an affordable rental housing market and open up new possibilities to local residents in Windhoek.


Charity image – make your commitment visible

Use your company donation for corporate communication purposes and be featured on our website.



Integrate a Housing! for Future fundraiser at your next event. We are happy to support you with ideas.


Donation in kind

Donate IT equipment you no longer need and make a meaningful contribution to the administrative side of our project in Namibia.


Share joy

Double joy by donating to Housing! for Future at your upcoming anniversary, birthday or at special milestones.


Rent sponsorship

Donations for this purpose reduce families’ rent and make our homes even more affordable to them. A donation of 250 € means that a family can go one month without having to pay rent.


House sponsorship – Donate a home!

With a donation of 50.000 €, you help to build another house and make it a family’s home.


Finance partnership – become an opportunity partner

Donate an amount of your choice monthly, quarterly or annually and become a meaningful partner for our project!

  • Fight informal settlements with us!
    Every euro counts in the fight against informal settlements/adverse living conditions in Namibia and enables houses to become homes and great opportunities for people

  • Become a continuous opportunity partner!
    Donate an amount of your choice monthly, quarterly, or annually and become a crucial partner in the fight against informal settlements in Namibia

  • Donate a home!
    From a donation of € 50,000, a whole house can be built and become a home.

  • Donate rent!
    A monthly donation enables more people in Namibia to escape informal settlements by providing an additional cost-reduced and affordable rent. From € 250 per month, a family can even live free of charge for one month.

  • Let your commitment become visible!
    Integrate your Housing! for Future investment from 100.000 € into your corporate communication and secure a place on our homepage.

  • Have a party while doing good!
    Integrate a fundraiser for Housing! for Future at your next event. We are happy to be of help with ideas.

  • Donation in kind: Sort something out, but donate it!
    For example, you could give your discarded IT equipment a meaningful and social second use. With the money saved, Housing! for Future can build houses against informal settlements

  • Donations double joy!
    Your joy on the occasion of your upcoming anniversary, your milestone birthday, or a special occasion is doubled by a donation to Housing! for Future.

With your donation, you

  • contribute towards expanding the affordable housing sector in Namibia

  • help to create better-quality housing

  • give people in Namibia the chance of a better life

  • support help for self-help, e.g. by creating local jobs

Our valuable cooperation with DESWOS e.V

DESWOS German Development Aid for Social Housing and Settlement e.V.

“DESWOS Deutsche Entwicklungshilfe für soziales Wohnungs- und Siedlungswesen e.V”

DESWOS was created in 1969 by private people as well as socially oriented housing cooperatives and housing companies, which belong to the GdW Federal association of German housing and real estate enterprises. Since then, the fight against poverty, provision of help for self-help, and the sustainable safeguarding of livelihoods have been among the guiding principles of the organization and its now more than 400 projects in more than 50 partner counties.

For more than 50 years, DESWOS and its volunteers have partnered with local non-profit civil organizations to build wells and housing, support schooling and vocational training, and promote health in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. In November 2020, DESWOS and Housing! for Future entered into a joint cooperation because of the many advantages that come with such partnerships:

  • Donations for Housing! for Future to DESWOS are forwarded in full
  • Constant exchange creates synergies as well as efficient and effective help for people in need
  • Together, even more donors can be reached, and more people can be given a chance

We’ve already achieved so much – let’s continue to help.

Our donation account: IBAN DE76 5005 0201 0200 7035 10

Our donation account:
IBAN DE76 5005 0201 0200 7035 10


Our sponsorship family

GWH Immobilien Holding GmbH

For its 100th anniversary, the GWH pledged 500,000 € to Housing! for Future. In addition to this large donation, a large number of employees volunteer to help with the project, and a wide range of other resources are made available free of charge.

Nassauische Heimstätte Wohnungs- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH

For its 100th anniversary, the NHW pledged 300,000 € to Housing! for Future. In addition to this large donation, a large number of employees volunteer to help with the project.


INDUSTRIA supports Housing! for Future both through project donations as well as through fundraising at charity events. In addition, some employees help in the project on a voluntary basis.


The meravis real estate group takes its corporate social responsibility very seriously. In 2006, it therefore established the Reichsbund Foundation, which supports young and elderly people, as well as people with illnesses and disabilities. This cause is close to our hearts and reminds us of our origins and social roots.


The advertising agency Kraftjungs supports Housing! for Future by doing almost half of the work for the homepage and corporate design for free.

Ten Brinke Group

The Ten Brinke Group is a great support for Housing! for Future in the construction process and quality control of the construction measures in Namibia, and also provides on-site expertise.

Allen & Overy

Lawyers and tax advisors of this international law firm provide legal and tax advice from a German perspective on a probono basis.

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NAMIBIA meets GWH – 180 guests at the Real Estate Get-Together

In June 2022, 180 representatives of the real estate and brokerage industry were finally able to gather again at the GWH’s Real Estate Get-Together, which took place at the Orangerie in Kassel. The motto of the evening: Housing! for Future. Rudie van Vuuren, a fifth generation Namibian and not only the owner of the Naankuse Foundation Wildlife Sanctuary in Namibia, but the Namibian President’s personal physician, was the event’s special guest, and presented the project “A Home for People from Slums”. He explained, “What we want is to offer people ways of transitioning into better-quality homes, provide them with a permanent and safe accommodation with running water, a bathroom and toilet, electricity, and open up new possibilities for them. Reliable competent partners like you and common goals are essential for this to happen.” The interest among the guests was great and, in addition to an interesting, entertaining evening, there were many donor pledges.


Let’s help together.

Donate sustainably. Provide opportunities.



Become a rent sponsor. Your donation will serve as a direct help for a local family: with a sum of only 250 € per month, the family’s rent is paid.


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